Delaware Music Academy


1 - Re-String with Customers Choice of Strings$15.00 +
2 - Adjust and Intonate Bridge Fine tune all points of adjustment for optimium intonation $15.00 *
3 - Adjust the truss rod for proper neck relief$15.00
4 - Clean and lubricate the fretboard, polish frets and "ease" fret ends $30.00
5 - Re-Fret Partial (Up to 7 frets, Bound neck add $50)Re-Fret Partial (Up to 7 frets, Bound neck add $50) Remove and replace fretwire up to 7 frets. Includes level/crown/polish/dress$150.00
6 - Re-Fret Full (Bound neck add $100) Remove and replace fretwire. Includes level/crown/polish/dress $200.00
9 - Clean, buff and polish Instrument$20.00
10 - Adjust pickup heights and polepieces for ptimimum performance $10.00
11 - Shim Neck (Bolt On) Shim Neck pocket for proper break angle and playability.$20.00
12 - BASIC SETUP Great Choice for Seasonal adjustments, Changing tunings or String gauges $35.00 +*
13 - SETUP STANDARD Basic Setup plus Fret Polish and dress$50.00 +*

14 - ***best value***SETUP PROFESSIONAL The Ultimate setup. Includes 1,2,3,7,8,9,10, and 11(if applicable)$100.00 +*

15 - Replace Pickup of same Type I.E. Humbucker for Humbucker,P90 for P90 etc..$35.00 +
16 - Output Jack Replacement  $10.00 +
17 - Potentiometer Replacement $15.00 +
18 - Custom Work Available Coil taps, Refinishes, Headstock repairs, Bridge replacement Custom pickguards etc… Request Quote
Free Consultation Fri 12-8pm

(+) Cost of Strings, Parts etc... Additional charge for cost of strings or parts will apply
(*) add $50 for Floyd Rose PITA fee for the Floyd Rose Tremolo SystemType your paragraph here.

The Delaware Music Academy is equipped to repair any musical instrument, amplifier, speaker, or accessory.  Please give us a call, 740-972-8244, and let us know how we can help you!